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Robin Riddle works at The Wall Street Journal and is the Global Publisher for WSJ Custom Studios. Prior to that he spent the last 14 years working at The Economist Group in both the United States as well as in England: In that time he’s seen the industry change beyond all recognition. This is an eclectic collection of Robin’s thoughts and things that interest him about how the world of media is continuing to evolve.

March 24, 2013 at 3:14pm


NYC’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority to finally install digital signage on the City’s Subways

I’ve never quite understood why the Out of Home inventory on the New York Subway is so out dated - seems that’s about to change with the announcement by the City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority they are moving ahead with the second phase pilot of its On the Go! Travel Stations. Digital Signage Today reported earlier this week that digital signage wayfinding kiosks are coming to a subway station near you soon.


Image courtesy of the MTA.


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    I mean, there’s been one at Jackson Heights station for some time, but yes.
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